It starts with a bang, the amazing narrative of Stickyboy, nom de guerre of a young Italian who comes to London in search of art, space, work, and with a burning desire to get to the heart of the Empire. The job he finds leads him ever deeper into the world of prostitution: its legendary protagonists, the «Queens», its «ethics» , its intertwining with the world of politics and entertainment, its social significance and all its supporting characters. A parallel world, where you can do anything as long as nobody knows, where everything is allowed as long as you are not recognized, where you can even create a new art form that some «astute businessman» will then take into the «normal world», proclaiming it a miracle. With its unique, individual style, For God and the Empire recounts Stickyboy’s extraordinary adventures, his wandering life, the bizarre things he saw, his encounters, his creations at the service of the excluded, the hypocrisy of a Society that persistently demands prostitution, but does not want to hear about it.

  • ISBN: 8850240074
  • Casa Editrice: TEA
  • Pagine: 224
  • Data di uscita: 14-05-2015

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